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Come on why would intelligent alien being's with metal 1000 times better than ours technology far better than ours. Why would they build puny crappy designed rock faces hahah makes no sence they would build them out of the same materials as there ships and weapons so they last and to make a statement of whos more powerful lol not waste time makeing sill rock animals that looks like they are deformed animals due to the crappyness of the sculpture wake up people yes there is life out there but no they are not doing a tony Robinson and messing around with rocks hahahaha come on even us puny humans can make better stuff wih better materials. Haha fucking rock animals lol wtf 
What a load of crap.
just rocks people. look on earth you'll see all kinds of anomalies in natural objects. get on with your lives.
i dont think lions or bunnys were on mars but im glad i remembered to disable my watch history before clicking through the related video sidebar today
A scientist believes that he found that certain chem readings are showing that there is evidence of radiation. There may have been life but it was lost to a possible detonation. Hope that doesn't happen to us.
If they send another rover to Mars I hope the give it the ability to launch and retrieve drones so they can increase the coverage and get close enough to really inspect these objects.
lying and deception

Ruins of an ancient church on Mars??

If there were really bones, I don't think, that the NASA would Show us.
If you look hard enough for a pattern in rock formations you are bound to find some, it is how our brains have evolved to function, and we excel at pattern recognition when faced with random raw data.

Wishful thinking on this level is delusional. Rather wait and let curiosity take its rock samples, and hopefully let us confirm that microbial life once existed on mars before you jump to ridiculous conclusions....
If you look close you can spot Kermit the frog... I knew Jim Henson wasn't really dead, he just went to Mars !
So the hexagonal hurricane on Saturn has to be artificial? How desperate are you guys? All you have shown is simple rock that's been eroded and carved by high winds/sand. Sand storms rage on Mars, more fierce then anything ever seen on earth. It's funny how you always go for the most outlandish wild explanation first, not the more likely realistic one. Look I do believe there are aliens out there. The cosmos are just to massive to be empty. To think we are alone is to be close minded and ignorant. With that said, to think they would travel the vast distances just to hide from us is just as ignorant. They wouldn't travel this far just to hide, and if they did you can bet we would not be seeing them at all. Most likely they would be traveling this far to talk, trade tech, or take our resources. There are no structure on the moon or mars. I highly doubt we have ever or will ever be visited. I very much doubt they would be leaving things behind as well. Please people use good judgment when trying to examine possible evidence. First rule out the things that are simple or obvious. When you can say for 100% sure there's no other possible explanation then you 
Here is why I say BS on all of these. Everything is taken from a distance.  If these are real statues then why not have the rover move closer, and take pictures up close and from different angles.  I can find a rock and make it look like something.
Nice to see the truth

Nice to see the truth
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Ancient Aliens On Mars: Curiosity Spotted Carved Animal Statue and Strange Artifacts - TYTUŁ
2m 48s - CZAS
783 - OCENA

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