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Where's the evidence?
More evidence to add to a documentary, one day. There is real definition to the objects being highlighted.
Ok !!!!!!!!
is it so hard to think that life might have once exsisted on mars ?. and according to NASA's main director of science he said life may still on mars...so yeah im thinking what we see on mars are the remains of a long destroyed civilisation.
thats what I call an evidence
Y si fuera basura que los marcianos que viven en el interior de marte arrojan a la superficie?
You can probably go out into any desert on earth and see similar type objects that are not man made. Rocks can form into some crazy shapes. Also as humans we have a very unique feature that allows us to see shapes or faces out of ordinary objects. It is the brains way of trying to compensate for something you are seeing and trying to make sense of what it is based on what you have seen in the past. This is why you can see faces or animals sometimes out of patterns on a wall or floor. The same thing happens when looking at these objects on mars. if you don't believe me then look it up. It's called Pareidolia.

Very good find, I looked at Sol 109 but will have to give them all a closer look
why would it surprise anyone that there was life forms on other planets
Homo-sapiens appeared out of nowhere and committed mass genocide of the neanderthal man, we are unlike anything on this planet... maybe because we aren't from this planet.

There are select individuals/groups out there that know what our true history is and our beginnings while the rest of us are kept in the dark and herded like cattle. History is written by the victors!
Directly underneath that thing-not too far from it is a small little perfect black rectangle.
> unnaturally shaped object
> must be aliens!

You do know we have a shit ton, and I mean a shit-fucking-ton of satellites orbiting the earth, right? You seem to ignore the possibility of the debris created by getting them there (launch-ballast, containers, protectors, etc.) entering Mars' orbit and crashing there. Could be quite the reason for NASA ignoring it: they might already know what it is.

Nice find indeed, but come on.. UFO does not necessarily mean Alien. In fact, up to now it never has.
Now those blocks are interesting.
Oh, boy......that was weak sauce. ..
There has never been ANY form of life on the planet Mars.
I'm not ruling out the possibility of a previous life form inhabiting mars but IF this was truly a man formed/made object wouldn't it be safe to assume that there would be a lot more than just these few pieces??
Every time a rock vaguely resembles something the freaks come out.
Ok we can put a Rover on mars and it can find all of this stuff.  But we can't find a Plane that was lost at sea. Please wake up people.  I am sorry but you would at least think that we would have setup some kind of base on the moon. Controlled remotely for something.  Pictures are always blurry.  It's just your mind playing tricks on you.  Hell where is the proof that there is really a rover on Mars.  Hell that would have been good video of it taking off from earth and us being able to see a live feed of it traveling threw space and landing on Mars.  Hell I could take a picture of a million dollars and post the picture on the internet and say hey look I got a million dollars.  
The headline for this video on the "Inquisitor" website said "Proof of Life on Mars?: New NASA Mars Rover phot shows ancient coffin". The only thing this would prove was that there was death on Mars, no?
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Ancient Aliens On Mars: Life On Planet Mars Evidence - TYTUŁ
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245 - OCENA

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