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Why this video has so many dislikes? He even has given us an example of similar image from Earth. He hasn't made absurd speculations and the picture quality is good!

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Whether it's a road or a river is equally as interesting, kinda cool to think Mars could've have been similar to earth in the past 
Looks to be a river bed
Perhaps even more exciting and realistic, is that it (Mars) was once had flowing rivers, and even oceans. So, without an insult, I believe that this photo is not photoshopped, but the public has personally had their very own obsession with space, and that we care enough about to study the images to draw assumptions like these. Praise to +UFOvni2012
I believe that, as evidence supports, this is something more interesting than a... Road on the Martian surface. It is potential evidence that Mars was once teeming with rivers and oceans. We don't know this for sure, but it is known that there is frozen ice, just inches below the surface. I believe this would be a story, as well as a catastrophe to remember.
Ancient river
Probably a dried up river of sorts maybe? 
I see the NASA image filename at the start of your video and I looked and there's no NASA image with that filename. What are you trying to pull? This is why people want links to the original NASA images.
NO LINK TO THE NASA IMAGE AGAIN? YOU'RE A FUCKING ASSWIPE. And, as far as video presenters of Mars anomalies go, you're way fucking down on the list of presenters worth watching and listening to, pretty much in the don't-bother-watching-this-video-because-there's-nothing-worth-watching-and-there's-no-fucking-link-to-the-original-image section.
NASA never landed anything on Mars. All pictures were taken on earth, and then photoshopped. Gullible Americans.
river bed from millions of years ago.
Just one tiny thing most of you are overlooking.
Looks more like an ancient dried up river bed to me, not a road.
Old riverbed. Nothing more.
lame...  if that is road on mars then base on the scale that is one giant road.  There is something else on mars yes, but this road is not it.
It's a dried up river bed at best! It's even coming down from the foothills! C'mon and use some common sense instead of conjuring up stories to get viewers. You'll be more credible that way than this.
THAT is not a ROAD, are you NUTS?  its just LIES TO GET ARE VIEWS  again , 46,637 lies so far. you tube is just no good any more, thanks dude for the fake, again.
Illuminate confirmed
That's the sky.  Those are clouds.  
Water-river bed; or dust-river bed; or jet trail on Earth with clouds modified to look like humps on the distant ground; or a scene from inside the hollow earth with a city on that river bank on the right.
     Or the inside of my brain after I've eaten a troll.
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Ancient Aliens On Mars: Road On Mars? NASA Curiosity - TYTUŁ
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