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I remember being really excited for this movie when it first opened back in 1998.  At the time, Michael Bay wasn't the guy who gave us Pearl Harbor or the terrible Transformers sequels; instead, he was the director who gave us The Rock, one of the finest action films of the mid-90s.  I had a lot of good will towards Michael Bay at the time because he made one of my favorite action films, but when I saw Armageddon... well, it seemed like the beginning of the end for his credibility.  I outright hated this film when I first saw it.  Now, keep in mind, I was a snot nosed fifteen year old who knew almost nothing about what made a movie good, but somehow I knew a stinker when I saw it, and that was most definitely Armageddon.  I remember walking away from it thinking that I had never seen a movie that was so energetic and yet so boring.  Something about the film's pacing felt off too.  I honestly thought that they had started the end of the movie right at the beginning by showing us New York City getting slammed by massive meteors.  I felt kinda cheated by it too, because I didn't know any of the people trapped in the destruction and I didn't care about them.  The Rock, on the other hand, started out with an action scene that introduced us to the main villain of the piece and also caused us to somehow sympathize and respect that guy.  There was nothing like that with Armageddon.  Just a lot of loud mouth idiots that I just wanted to see get ushered off screen.  With time, I've mellowed on Armageddon's badness.  Yes, I still think it's a bad movie, but not as awful as I thought it was back in the summer of 1998.  The Mask of Zorro managed to give me what I needed from that summer's action movies.  
Cgi artists back before 9-11 probably didn't know there would be a huge dust cloud after buildings collapses.
Armageddon (1998) - trailer: http://youtu.be/OYHSDJsfggA
Michael Bay's movies are the best.
Andrew Heckler
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