Kosmos jest ciekawy jak widać, zobacz sam
Check out this video on YouTube:
Asteroid 2014 HL129 Narrowly Misses Earth Just Days After Being Discovered (May 5, 2014)
He did not allow the guy to answer the question, "Would you notify us if a big one was coming?"  The guy never answered the question.  My thought is that they would NOT notify us, but that's just my humble opinion.
Thats so scary!!! At :37 second rhe guy on the left eyes and lips change! His eye change from dark brown to purple!! You are warned it looks really scary...
das ende diesen zeitalters hat bereits begonnen.

Jesus is driving that "bus-sized" asteroid, saying "everybody get on board, next stop: Heaven!"

186,000 miles from Earth is the speed of light in miles/second. God is light and he's coming quickly!

Comet Linear close approach to earth as Pope enters Israel - Partition God's land?
Fiery Darts... ?!?

Wowwwwww that thing can destroy a whole city impacting like the heroshima nuclear bomb....The signs in the heavens. The father is trying to get our attention and repent and turn to Jesus Christ. We must obey him this is not a God we can joke with!!! Even demons tremble just the mention of his name because they know he's omnipresent and can destroy them. Wake up oh sleepers repent the kingdom of God is at hand!!

They need to watch out for the asteroid called, "Wormwood" which is the only one mentioned in the Bible that kills a third of the planet!
God is warning us, jesus saves people only jesus! Godbless.

"improve our looking techniques" haha
One will eventually hit, science recently catching up with GOD and his promises! "Science hopes to save earth", similar to what Jesus Christ had done for his followers, yet for the followers of Science most commonly know as their "unbelieving Atheists". 
Yes yes, we are still alive.   We will be back Thursday evening.
Dude seriously the dinosaurs where killed in a flood, This two need get there facts straight

Asteroid 2014 HL129 : Asteroid narrowly misses Ea…: http://youtu.be/_MSl7c0TiV4
lol don't miss salvation John 6 47=1 John 5 11-13
wieńce pogrzebowe – Lublin, jak nie zerknij tu

Asteroid 2014 HL129 : Asteroid narrowly misses Earth just days after being discovered (May 05, 2014) - TYTUŁ
2m 54s - CZAS
124 - OCENA

Oceńcie sami jak duży jest kosmos.