Kosmos jest ciekawy jak widać, zobacz sam
I showed it to your children when you weren't looking. now they have nightmares every night.
The "good" news is we would probably all die VERY quickly (thus would'nt suffer) in a matter of seconds and at the same time, as I presume this large meteor strike force must crush all the people and everything else into the ground on the other side of crash site. The people on the sides would be thrown horizontally against hard objects (trees, buildings). And the ones near crash site are done for either primarily by meteor or would fly to the sky and return freefalling to the ground
Florence? 3:31
EMI are a bunch of tossers.
I'm not showing this to my children
e poeira pra porra
These a few other uploads of it - I suggest you download one of those.
No problem. Just open "Great gig in the sky" in a different window, and play that as the same time as this one! Great video by the way! Man, that thing peeled Japan off the earth's surface like an orange peel!
I was going to comment on the video but I just realised that this video's comment section is the old layout. Why? I'm not saying it's bad but why?
"The Earth from here is a grand oasis to the big vastness of space." —Jim Lovell

If you don't hear any a grand oasis, lodge a complaint to back safely to the earth and they're blocking all of worldwide connect to it was so God called the firmament Heaven.
The earth from here is a grand oasis through the great vastness of space.

저만 소리가 안들리나요?
That would be true in the case of NEOs or other Asteroids. Incoming non periodic comets dislocated by Oort cloud pertubartions would strike with little or no warning. Good that the odds for that happening are "astronomical" . The Propeller concept would not work in space for the lack of air ,(don't know if you were joking). But yes attaching some Propulsion System to the impactor and altering it's Orbit is the most popular concept.
For your information this is not the real video the real video has other scenes as well
Type Asteroid Impact, Krakow Olkusz user. An attempt to recreate the original video :D
holy shit, there's a top comments, this is a nostalgia tour!
Great nostalgia for the comment section.
thank you stupid EMI records
I dunno, but it's so much fucking better then the new one.
ugh now i feel horrible :(
przyjęcia lublin, jak nie zerknij tu

Asteroid Impact (HD) - TYTUŁ
4m 47s - CZAS
12925 - OCENA

Oceńcie sami jak duży jest kosmos.