Kosmos jest ciekawy jak widać, zobacz sam
Richard D Hall has proved that NASA are merely faking the rover mission in the canadian tundra and have changed the light images to a reddish hue to represent a martian landscape.
A chrynoid and a rodent local to this area of the earth have been photographed by the so called mars mission ... its laughable.
pause 2:03 looks like an entrance and just above the entrance up and to the right, looks like a brick area with a large carving in it.
At the 2.22 mark on the right of the screen it looks like a burnt up body in some kind of vehicle.
great pictures....need some  commentaries though...
We Are So StupidIf you think we are ALONE..
Why, instead of spending billions of dollars we don't have on researching life and such on a dry planet, enjoy and prosper the life we live already on our home planet. We already have what we need here on Earth: WATER(for one), oxygen, plants, animals, trees, NATURE!!!! Earth is such a beautiful planet. We grew and continue to grow on this beautiful planet so why are we spending so much money to start over when we have everything we need right here at home... 
Love your work but I would love to see some clear images of anomalys alien animals etc

Mars is the new Earth !!!
do you not sent your videos in 720HD or higher??? this one is in 480???? a loss of detail???  O well! and may be you did send it at a low res!  thanks for your work and time to make the videos...
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Podobało się to wam, jak nie zerknij tu

At last Mars 2015 - TYTUŁ
3m 19s - CZAS
60 - OCENA

Oceńcie sami jak duży jest kosmos.