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The reason there is no traveling back in time;is because A physical concept called of time doesn't exist in reality
The concept the human brain thinks it experiences as Time,needs to be removed from any unifying equasion;anyone with full teeth should understand this
Chinese children have a home, it's called China.

Nigerian children have a home, it's called Nigeria.

Anti-whites are stealing white children's home and giving it away. White children's homes for everyone says the anti-white.

Why don't white children deserve a home, anti-whites?
intelligent design imperfection try and make your own universe without using any of the matter surrounding you its meant to be like this its life and death universe nothing still nothing lasting yet everything governed by laws you want to live in a world with no hurricanes no viruses no tsunamis you can go to the moon where even the foot print of nail armstrong still there after more then 45 years but its a dead place ....
DR neil is sure about the bear was there even he did not see it yet cant see god behind all this vast wonderful universe waiting for god to reveal himself to you an act of being selfish because all matter contained in this universe every single atom every subatomic particle cant stand the revelation and would simply join the mighty god and its the end of the universe when we die we will know every thing but then its to late
And you wonder why people who do witness a real bonified UFO don't come forward after seeing this bozo, and no mention of any airline pilots seeing UFO's like Japan Airlines 1628 on Jan30th 1987 of several UFO's and a huge mother ship  over Alaska where other airline pilots also saw UFO's in separate incidents and these weren't any planet Venus sightings Mt Tyson.These celebrity scientists are only for laughs anyway LOL.
Martin Kipowski          I think you missed his point and although I do not agree with him on many things, he was implying that a smarter being prob knows we exist the same way you know there are worms in your front lawn, but you're not out there looking for them.
on to the point he makes at the very end, what if we are that species. what if we are the smartest the universe can make. That could explain the difficulties in finding other signs of intelligent life in the universe. I mean its a really hard thing to do and if we are the smartest.... not saying it is this way but it could be.
God I can't wait for the next Einstein type of person to figure out what encompasses a singularity.
The top entry "The Present" on Truthcontest◙Com explains how life basically works in 100 pages. It will change you completely if you understand it.

@1:01:10 It is really refreshing to see Dr deGrasse finally admit to the science of Intelligent Design. He states that the only "evidence" he would accept for alien intelligence is an artefact (ashtray) that could not be assembled "naturally" but would require intelligence to do so.
Amazing man. Hope US government fund more into astro discovery, where next human revolution is going to be.
Gotta love a black hole !
"All of the energy and matter that existed still exists. Matter does not create energy of itself. The actions of matter enable energy to become manifest".
I loved that ladys idea for Tyson to write a science fiction movie!! That would be awesooome :D
Skip to 15:30 and watch till the end. Listening Neil deGrasse Tyson speaking is always a pleasure.
if we can observe the gravitational effects of matter from a parralel universe, what are we seeing? things like asteroids orbiting intradimensional stars, gravitational lensing due to black holes from other dimensions, unexplained trajectory changes of asteroids or seemingly random accumulation of matter?

btw something close to life fromed ad schripps research institute http://www.livescience.com/3214-life-created-lab.html
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