, zobacz sam
Guys, just shoot inside the gravity wheels...
I spent ages trying to stasis all four simultaneously. I thought that would allow me to eject it lol. I actually did it but it wouldn't work :'(
and all the hates comments..... just dont let them get to you man... 

          I just wanna say something to all the haters:    make your own fucking video and stop being a pussy behind a computer!!!!!!! and I dont talk about you mastertaekwondooo   <3

no I acually had trouble wid it to so ima watch ur vid and see if it works
Thanks for the guide video, but, dude, you kills necros in the least efficient way possible??? 
Stop pausing unstuck 
My god I can't believe the people here in the comments. So many idiots. You have to understand this video is basically a tutorial and not about how he plays the game, so keep your toxic comments to yourselves. Who gives a rat's ass if he is or is not bad at combat. MOVE ON.
I beat this game on nightmare and I suck at games but u buddy just fucking suck at dead space just hang your controller now
Wow u r bad couldn't even kill the scorpions without being hit while on stasis just shoot his fucking limbs off
thnx mate
Wow u really suck at this game. It was so bad I HAD to say it
cheats or no he showed us the trick..thanks for the video. ((also love those dlc armors..i dun get em cause i got pc version..greedy EA..)) >_<
LOL continue to shoot them in the face.. lol
Using cheats haha fucking loser
would be a lot easier to watch if he didn't try and show off how "good" he was on Dead Space by cheating his way slowly through this level... would of saved at least 5 minutes of the video... retard
This guy (or girl.. I honestly can't tell) needs to stop pausing and stop catching fire.
Pretty useful thanks for posting
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thx dude but you should train on gettin' those monsters killed ;D
Podobało się to wam, jak nie zerknij tu

Dead Space How to Put Beacon on Asteroid - TYTUŁ
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