Kosmos jest ciekawy jak widać, zobacz sam
Thanks bro ! 
Thanks for the vid, dude.  I looked at two of these constellation puzzles and decided I'd give myself a pass to cheat my ass off when it comes to these.  I'm even an artist and I am completely lost with these things.  It's neat n' all but...nah...ain't nobody got time fo dat.
Thanks helped me out you little beauty.
WTF is this shitty puzzle. Inquisition sucks... a lot. Skyrim plagiarism everywhere. RIP Dragon Age Origins and Baldur's Gate essence. Bad move Bioware.
thank you so much 
Been 2 weeks since u uploaded a video from the 6hr footage u have. 
WTF is that puzzle?? Is about the Veil?
Get some tips on solving the Astrarium Puzzles in The Emerald Graves!
Is this game going to be on ps3??

Podobało się to wam, jak nie zerknij tu

Dragon Age Inquisition Astrarium Puzzles Solved "The Emerald Graves Astrarium"" - TYTUŁ
2m 10s - CZAS
276 - OCENA

Oceńcie sami jak duży jest kosmos.