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Terrible puzzles
Thankyou.I spent time trying to figure this out until I got a headache.
Thanks man. After half an hour trying I thought, f**k this b**sh*t , and went on youtube. 
now I feel kinda stupid :(
ahh thanks for doing this! i am so bad at these frickin puzzles
GOD DAMN IT BW!!! You couldn't leave a tile game OUT of a Dragon Age Game!
Having to complete this puzzle reminds of all the puzzles in origins...
Please explain it to me, I absolutely do not get it! 
Thanks fluffy! I soo loathe puzzles. gahh.
Many thanks !! 🙏 I was about to lose my mind in this puzzle !! 
Worked. Thanks. 
Like and sub for this video. I hate puzzles like this. Lol. Reminds me of KOTOR haha
How the hell do you do the next part where it tells you to break the barrier I can't figure it out! 
I can't for the life of me get the second one to work. First one, where you light up the entire outside, yes, but I can't get the one where you only light up the center. I'm clearly missing something, if this video shows both. Can someone point me to the time index where the solution for the second puzzle starts?

Edit: I had a link sent to me with the second solution. having done them now and seen what was in the boxes, I really wish they'd have more valuable treasures behind things like this. >.< None of those were worth the frustration!
Fluffy... once I again, I send all of my hugs your way. Thank you so much for this! xxx
I can finish this dlcs new astrariums in less than 30 seconds but I sat trying to figure out these 2 puzzles for an hour. Thank you so much for this video. ;o; My future playthroughs will be much easier now
Thanks dude.
Thank you !!
It's a bit weird that doors to these mysterious ancient ruins are so easy that even a James Vega-like retard could solve them... Reminds me of Skyrim. They should just leave them out and think of something else instead^^
weeps and builds a small alter to Fluffy thank you, Fluffy-sama... thank you so much... Q.Q
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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon DLC - 'On Ameridan's Trail' Puzzle solution - TYTUŁ
1m 25s - CZAS
266 - OCENA

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