Kosmos jest ciekawy jak widać, zobacz sam
We want to find life. But when we find it, we will kill it, destroy it, make war against it and so because that is how we are. We use to kill people, to make them slaves just to take their lands. A century ago we couldn't accept that black people were human beings. So we did anything to them. Now, suppose we find life on another planet, or on Europa, what do you think would happen after? Just think about history.

We need to love and do good things to each other. 
Life on EUROPA, a water rich moon orbiting Jupiter likely reports www.iHumanMedia.com NASA VIDEO NEWS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrjY2BKm-TA 
Cant wait to see some "Europeans"... Neil degrasse tyson joke LOL
fucking land it already! bring us some ropa fish back! Loropasters too!
oh well! with credentials like those, i guess thats why they are where they are and a part of NASA in some way. That counts me out...hmm i wonder. I wonder if i can be the food gopher for their them....Nahh. that guy prolly has a masters! Much props to these brilliant individuals, REspect Bossman/ lady! I give my most humble and deepest gratitude to people like these...Pioneers to explain what they have found out about our ridiculously vast world. Also to explain it so kindly to people like me in such an intriguing way to keep me wanting to know more of the world we live in w/o actually calling me stupid.....coz i already know that=). And that ladies and gent just makes me appreciate stuff like this even more=)
As an intellectual. this lady is a poor speaker. she said UM ' probably thirty times. :/
That compressor is brutal.
thumbs up for the big beautiful science babe !
It will be funny if they find fish or organisms of the same species types found here on earth. It'll be another jab to the myth of evolution. The chick with the eyebrow ring looks like Deborah from Dexter...
I think it would be just as cool to find a planet that would sustain life that we could move to and live on.
i knw nobody will believe me but i am an alien.
europa is in earth union european
Daughter of Jupiter Europa
I don't know about Europa's alien population,but I can imagine those massive boobs from the lady in green,sexy intelligent big woman
I am from Europa.  I hate to break it to them.....but they have it all Completely wrong.  A+ for their efforts, but all their assumptions and theories are based on the Majorly flawed sciences that are accepted and taught here , on this planet, as true Laws. 
too bad the ocean is actually made of formaldehyde (ch2o)
If we could only get past those pesky belts.
Podobało się to wam, jak nie zerknij tu

Europa Jupiter Moon's Subsurface Ocean of Water [HD] - TYTUŁ
30m 38s - CZAS
324 - OCENA

obornik ogłoszenia.