Kosmos jest ciekawy jak widać, zobacz sam
This vidieo is very nice
Seriously, wtf is that at 1:00?
When kids look up at the clouds, they see all kind of things. Now as adults they see all kind of things on the moon and mars. It’s hard for me to think that those folks rationally believe what they are saying. I think it’s probably a need for attention. Maybe they receive a speaker’s fee. Anyway it’s fodder for the conspiracy people.
NASA paid billions of dollars just to show black and white images what a waste of money NASA what a way to use your money -_-
We are aliens going round so fast we meet up with???...????? Ourselves
oh my god! ROCKS !
i believe that all of these pictures are not fake, but they are rocks.  Possibly a fossilized rocks that may have been living. Or the harshe conditions may have swept away the some parts of rocks, which would be amazing for that much detail.
do you think that i could find a girlfriend there?
This bullshit gave me crabs 
NASA is not as sloppy as they used to be years ago. There is no way they will release pictures with humans on Mars or wherever. Remember, we have 10 years before we will find life on other planets. And if they wanted us to see something, they would release close ups, they have very good cameras this days. They can read licence plate from space. You see what you want to see.
what music is that?
Seriously, are you actually insane?
Here's my thought. What if mars had a civilization that experienced an apocalyptic event forcing them to live underground to survive? What if the figures are scouting the rover to see what would happen if they made contact?!
Soyuz-Apollo 1975
I think there are things in mars call them humanoids or aliens, I think that Mars had life, something happend that literally wiped almost everything out, living thing.
Tha looks like Michael Jackson dancing, maybe all these years he's been in mars shooting videos hehe.... 
Well, I'm convinced.  Of what, I'm not sure.
Take a picture make a lot of lines with arrows at the end then add some comments by the arrows and POOF you get 100k plus U-tube hits. lol.
Ever hear the term "reaching".
hahahahhhaha so you know what a blurry image is!! transporter!!! hahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Our presence and the presence of our (friends) grows annually.
Rwanda landbruket, jak nie zerknij tu

Humanoid's Galore on the Planet Mars? - TYTUŁ
3m 40s - CZAS
990 - OCENA

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