Spacerowka – maclaren quest, zobacz sam
ofcourse jeb is happy, jeb is always happy
If I got a class E sized asteroid,
And I made it orbit the Mün,

Would the Mün have a moon?
Noob question: How do you move the map around like you did at 1:20?
For starters, Tylo is almost impossible to land on, but in 0.24 they nerfed Laythe's gravity well. And they increased Tylo's gravity well.
I made a Asteroid Redirection Vehicle that has 4 Advanced Grabbing Units, for extra grip and because the LES is where the AGU was supposed to be.
where's the other episode?
Scott Manley, I challenge you to the Jool-5 challenge! Or are you Manley enough?
you dont need decuplers theyre for pusseys 
OMFG MY MOST FAVORITE UPDATE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone else notice how the abort system nearly smacked into the pod? 8:11 lol
so where can i download the asteroid pack? or does it update automatically? because my KSP refuses to update for whatever reason
Hello i thinl this vido is awsom and forget to subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: (humming while typing) (gasp) Boss, boss!
Boss: What is it?
Me: According to my calculations, Asteroid 2309582B is going to come within the Earth's atmosphere!
Boss: Let me see... hm. Yeah. Okay. You forgot to use this string of the formula. (points at an equation)
Me: (Uses the missing line) Oh... it'll get within 200 megameters of the moon...
That promised "KSP is under heavy development" doesnt look like heavy development at all. I feel like developers write more posts on KSP dev blog than game code. I paid for a game that will be finished and 1.0 version after 10 years :(
how do i update KSP
the asteroids are better at orbiting than me smh
Scott u r awesome man i like ur videos keep going man we need more videos for this new mod deeper ones and once again good job
Awesome try!
i always try to right click and move the camera around while watching these videos
The greatest thing about this update is that the game can run on my crappy laptop with 40+ FPS at more than 100 parts.
Podobało się to wam, jak nie zerknij tu

Kerbal Space Program - Asteroid Redirect Mission - New Parts and Features - TYTUŁ
13m 14s - CZAS
2743 - OCENA

Oceńcie sami jak duży jest kosmos.