Kosmos jest ciekawy jak widać, zobacz sam
Asteroid B612!
wish i cold play it
Where are all the stars?
Why redirect it when you can slam it into Kerbin for fun and profit with absolutely no adverse consequences?!?!
I could never line up well enough with the center of mass of the asteroid to do burns without making it rotate.  I countered this by piling on a ton of torque wheels and RCS thrusters to "spin" the asteroid.  When doing a burn it kept the asteroid pointing forward despite the thrust being off center.
I successful diverted a Class D asteroid that was headed straight for the space center!!!
and as an added bonus, I managed to push it into a orbit around kerbin before I ran out of fuel (I highly elliptical orbit... but an orbit all the same LoL). Jed definitely earned his stars on this mission!
why Scott i wanted to see the asteroid crash
I mostly come here to learn about science! Whilst playing KSP my self I'll turn this on and just listen to that magnificent voice that pours magnificent science!
Genius idea: Make a "space station" out of an asteroid. 
i.e. clamp science labs and docking modules to the asteroid and use the asteroid as a uhm... environmental module or something.
im going to make another moon guys
Which mod is that command pod from?
Is it a mod that allows him to move parts while on EVA? If so, what mod?
i must admit that ship is amazing looking
so close to 1.21 gigawatts, Whyy scott WHAI
what rocket are you using to launch in the beginning of the video? Which mod?
The claaaaaaw...
Hey Scot, been watching though the series. Today of all days I watch this episode just before ESA announce that their Philae proper has landed on Comet 67P!

I am well on my way to the alcubierre drive in my KSP install of Interstellar Mod.
I once diverted an E-Class asteroid and more or less put it safely on Kerbin to be an exhibit of one of the most HARDEST missions I have ever done on KSP
i saw your're video on edlu that astronaut guy (just sayin)
Podobało się to wam, jak nie zerknij tu

Kerbal Space Program - Interstellar Quest - Episode 61 - Diverting An Asteroid - TYTUŁ
20m 44s - CZAS
2245 - OCENA

szukam żony.