Kosmos jest ciekawy jak widać, zobacz sam
240p makes it look more like Uranus...
Check out this video on YouTube:
it is just  the video amination that nasa use to spread the information about the planet mars hahahaha shame on youuuu
yalanlıkta son moda
What is this glandaizer cartoon and the best of all is the camera position when they have to put it evry ware speciality in that rock i have mind to thing about the reality and this video don't make me feel of reality

This is boss. 

That's shit all.
Very interesting...if there's one thing in my view that I need to know is if there is life on Mars?! I'm 12 but your never to young to know this stuff.

Thumbs up if you think this type of comment is annoying.
Dobrý dost dobrý. .. . .. :-) 
Ko gr goresa kolu buki hulsro poet dewasre morewa sempak delano dedew quece
tak lebur jek
watched what next....
happy picnic rover!! wish i was there too :P
I like NASA
More NASA lies, I don't believe there is any rover on Mars? With the average temp. being -100*F to -200*F would this machine still be working. Why don't we see the rovers Latitude and Longitude path and temps daily? All we seem to get from NASA is that a Billion years ago there was water on Mars? Am I dumb enough to believe this rover has deciphered a Billion years of Mars history? NASA thinks YOUR dumb enough!
Well, more interest is placed in mars because 1: It might have once had liquid water on the surface, making it once earthlike and hospitable to life. 2: It has a lower gravity, a cooler temperature, and less of an atmosphere, so it is easier to land on. 3: Mars would be much more suitable for near term human colonization than Venus, do to the reasons I have previously stated.
There are spacecraft at Venus right now, orbiting the planet. And the Soviets sent a series of probes to the surface called Venera. It's just super hostile.
http://ciekawyswiata.com/, jak nie zerknij tu

mars rover to mars holst the planets - TYTUŁ
7m 56s - CZAS
1337 - OCENA

Oceńcie sami jak duży jest kosmos.