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Przecież to babsko jest ostro popierdolone!
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How much is it because I have some money to invest?
@thiery572 well in her earlier media coverages she was a 100% platinum blonde but now it's surprising to see dark roots 😽
Thank you so much for this interview of Omnec. She's an amazing being!!! Beautiful inside and outside.
So this venusian spirit manifested into a body of a seven year old in Tibet with the help of a monk priest and now her hair roots are revealing she is not a platinum blonde as authentic Venusians are told to be hmm can she take a go pro cam with her to that hidden dimension tucked away in the hollows of venus..? Because talk is cheap and photo stills are unconvincing
Pierre, According to my understanding, the physical body she has, is a girl who passed away at an early age. That girl was born on the planet and that was the body Omnec use, so has a belly boton.
There is at least one test question to verify her authenticity, I believe. I have no bias either way. Does anybody know the answer to the following question?...

Since Omnec Onec claims to have projected herself into a physical body, that is to say, she was not born onto this planet, but litterally manifested a physical body to inhabit. Then travelled to Earth in a space ship at an early age. Therefore, she would not have a physical "belly button" where an umbilical cord would have been attached to her mother. No need to manifest an umbilical cord termination point. So,  I would really like to know if she has a belly button on her tummy.

That one test would answer a lot of questions for me.
This Woman Came From The Planet Venus. However, She's saying a lot of stuff that really makes a lot of sense.

Example - if one were to physically die on Earth, then that next dimension or plane that one's soul would enter would still be on Planet Earth.

This is also proof that the Universe/Uni-Verse/Omniverse is One. It has pockets to other worlds/dimensions but, as a whole its only One... ."
She's telling the truth :-)
I believe her. Deal with it...lol
Live & let live with no forced indoctrination. Evolve.....🍀
She's a fraud! Had a stroke. Venusians don't EVER have strokes! She's just been a new age piece to pass around. She's getting old and dried up, so she'll be dumped for the next young new age piece. 
Same old shtuff she always spouts. spew out how we save Earth and ourselves, already. Such genius. Speak in another language. what's that? oh, you can't?! Hmmmm. Fools believe in whatever they choose. I prefer reality, including and especially the higher heaven. Humans are nothing more than liars. If still alive, she's had a stroke and clearly aged.
why do these people such as the interviewer,think that the government and the scientists that the government funds totally never lie about anything...they especially lie about things to do with space aliens etc..so these questions of how they can live on venus cause its so hot is totally stupid.who says venus is that hot?the scientists lie.if the scientists release info not approved thier carreer is over and in more severe instances thier lives are terminated.they have to tow the parrty line
God is EVIL!
Podobało się to wam, jak nie zerknij tu

Omnec Onec - Ambasadorka Planety Wenus (1/2) [PL] - TYTUŁ
14m 42s - CZAS
30 - OCENA

Oceńcie sami jak duży jest kosmos.