Kosmos jest ciekawy jak widać, zobacz sam
Trzeba być ostro pierdolniętym żeby wierzyć tej kobiecie. W akcie narodzin też ma wpisane Wenus? Ja pierdole co za bzdury... wierze w UFO itp. ale to już jest przesadą. Pewnie niezły hajs kręci z tej całej bajki jaką sobie wymyśliła.
he he he
They don't have to telling the truth about their origins.
There is at least one test question to verify her authenticity, I believe. I have no bias either way. Does anybody know the answer to the following question?...

Since Omnec Onec claims to have projected herself into a physical body, that is to say, she was not born onto this planet, but litterally manifested a physical body to inhabit. Then travelled to Earth in a space ship at an early age. Therefore, she would not have a physical "belly button" where an umbilical cord would have been attached to her mother. No need to manifest an umbilical cord termination point. So,  I would really like to know if she has a belly button on her tummy.

That one test would answer a lot of questions for me.
She says the 1st moon landing was faked but why would buzz aldrin & neil Armstrong go on record privately talking about alien craft etc. they witnessed while in space? Not saying it wasn't but it is curious
she also could have just been remembering a past life when she was on venus...sometimes the past lives get confused with things
Podobało się to wam, jak nie zerknij tu

Omnec Onec - Ambasadorka Planety Wenus (2/2) [PL] - TYTUŁ
12m 57s - CZAS
16 - OCENA

Oceńcie sami jak duży jest kosmos.