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I own a 4.5" telescope and no matter what combination of eyepieces I can use, I could never get such a clear image of Saturn. That would take a 6" telescope minimum
Nice one!
Hi there. I have the same telescope but I can't get that magnification even with 4mm eyepiece and 2x barlow (I know that 4mm eyepiece from telescope kit is piece of shit). Any ideas?
That is Bullshit
You can't see that through a 4.5" telescope
Barlow only.
I used my H20 mm eyepiece, the largest and weakest, I see a bright glow, with a line. When focused, I see a damn clear image of Saturn. Although it appears highly HD and colorful, it is as small as a rice grain. Do I need to use erect lens or the Barlow ?
Yes, barlow is very important.
And did you use a barlow lens. did you zoom the clip with your camera
No. Only the camera in focuser.
did you use an eyepiece
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Saturn through PowerSeeker 114eq telescope 4.5 inch - TYTUŁ
m s - CZAS
28 - OCENA

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