, zobacz sam
oxygen you say? 
The Water Of Mars ......hmmmm   where have i heard that before :)
Whats with the sound effects?
if these images are correct ... then we are still not ready to go to Mars... if our stupid leaders still insist to go then please make it a one way trip ... which means stay and die there
There is something on Mars that lives but we can't see it or believe it the only people who know are nasa but they keep secrets 

we go to mars and we are going to ruin it just like earth ... god needs to step in aready
and how is this proof its mars
Is the colour of Mars really beige + sea blue, of are the pictures coloured?
Mars 2015
Well now is the best time to buy resl estate in mars then....lol

Sounds like the beginning of Runnin With the Devil from Van Halen! Ha!
I so wanna believe but we still don't really know if the images are from mars...
NASA never tell usbthe truth
All I seen was natural formations and microbes.
Mars you say?  This is a neat trick considering we cannot even go above low Earth orbit.  NASA is a hoax laden lie telling travesty that occasionally will let the truth slip out.  Kinda like a gaffe.  That's right folks even the international space station is a lie. At present NASA (Never A Straight Answer) is working on a vehicle that will FINALLY over come the issue with the Van Allen radiation belts, but it is still in the development stage.  This then, makes this post yet another hoax.
Holy crap, at 5:35 looks like its a bone
Amazing, thats clearly fucking water, good to know! But thats obvious theres life beside earth, so nothing shocking for me. :)
Where will the crips go if we are all going to the red planet? God please give us an answer! The unbelievable important mysteries we have to deal with today.
Podobało się to wam, jak nie zerknij tu

This is Mars 2015 - TYTUŁ
5m 55s - CZAS
3746 - OCENA

Oceńcie sami jak duży jest kosmos.